About Me

From young I have been exposed to toys, yea no doubt.  Traditional toys, spinning tops, yoyos, Soft fluffy things even barbie dolls, rubber guns, random toy planes that circle round suspended by a rope, remote controlled Model Cars/trucks/aircraft.etc etc.  They were indeed fun the first time you played with them, but they always weren’t enough for me.  Mum always says i get bored of my toys fast, always wanting new ones.

Kids are always curious, no doubt i was too.  What made them fluffly, how and why it shoots, how and why it flys, was what i always wanted to know.

Quite frequently out of curiousity, and when i have plenty of time at hand, i dismantle them. My knowledge of the term dismantle was largely credited to my exposure to a brand of toys named little tikes when i was 5.  They had these plastic model cars that you can attach/dettach parts to it by plastic screws.  Here was also my first encounter with screw drivers, which also lead to the mishap of those innocent toys.

And when i got slightly older, my parents got me LEGO TECHNIC, those bricks and axles gave me more answers to my earlier encounters. And for the past 10 years, I have also been exposed to electronic gadgets, computers, robots, electricity, mechanics, science, mathematics, language, and the internet, so and so forth, forming that huge foundation beneath my brain.  Just browse through my creations and you’ll know.

I’m still young, self exploring, self learning, many opportunities coming my way.  I am not trained, i am more of a hobbyist who mostly self-learnt his skills for whatever he can do today.

My god given strength ‘creativity’ has long been the dominant source of fuel for the knowledge i have now. I thank God for that.

Most importantly, i have lots of common sense which makes one a genius.

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