NXT Remote

Welcome to my Know-How page on remote controlled NXTs.

This topic covers the basics of bluetooth connections of the NXT BRAIN with the Windows operating system and ways of controlling NXT from a computer and on other equipment.

(Bluetooth capability required)

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Part 1 connecting NXT BRAIN with Windows,

First open up bluetooth properties, you can find it in the control panel.

start menu/control panel

For XP users it’s named bluetooth devices,

start menu/control panel/bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Devices XP

For Vista users it’s Bluetooth devices/bluetooth settings

start menu/control panel/bluetooth devices/bluetooth settings

or right click bluetooth icon on taskbar/open bluetooth settings

Bluetooth devicesBluetooth settings

The settings window for both versions of windows are similar,  just that vista supports more features and shows it’s connections in another window.  Next turn on Bluetooth on NXT making sure visibility is set to visible.  The name that appears on top of the home screen of your NXT is the name that you will be expecting to see when connecting.

How do you link them up? (Note connect from computer, not from NXT to computer)

For XP users, click on the ‘Add…‘ button you see at the bottom.

For vista users, it’s very straight forward, in the window of the first screenshot click ‘Add Wireless Device‘. Or do a right click on the bluetooth icon located on the taskbar and ‘Add Bluetooth Device.’

Follow your on screen instructions, also you may be prompted for a password, just key in the default ‘1234‘ both ways on the computer and the NXT BRAIN.  Once you see a ‘Finish’ or ‘Done’ on that window, congrats they are connected !

Part 2 Com Ports,

Bluetooth settings outgoing comportYou will require the NXT’s outgoing Com Port to be able to control it.  Don’t get afraid by the technical jargon, it only requires 3 mouse clicks.

For XP under devices, you should be able to see your NXT’s name there.  Do a right click/properties and go to services, the Com Port should be stated there.

For Vista also under devices, you should be able to see your NXT’s name there.  Do a right click/properties and go to services, the Com Port should be stated there.

If the Com Port is not stated, either reconnect/restart your computer, it will definitely be there.

Part 3 How do you Remote Control your NXT

UntitledNow there are many ways to control the NXT remote feature.  But to my preference i feel this program is best.  Here’s the creator’s link → Bluetooth Vehicle Remote by Anders.  Step by Step guide is available there. He also created a program to control the NXT from Windows Mobile(pocket personal computers/ppc) phones try that out too !

Other programs to remote control NXT

Click → Official MINDSTORMS Bluetooth phone remote

Click → OnBrick (Computer/PDA)

Click → FunkNXT (Other Phones)

Programs stated in this Know-How are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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