Windows Mobile Remote

Welcome to my Know-How page on remote controlling Windows Mobile Devices.

Well the fact that if you own and use a Windows Mobile Device most likely you are also adapt with Windows OS too and would have sufficient knowledge to go about this Know-How.

The program stated in this Know-How is the property of its own respective owner

This is the program required to perform the task click → MyMobiler

The program lets you

  • View your mobile screen on your desktop.
  • Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste text between mobile and desktop.
  • Capture mobile screen.
  • Drag and drop files to your mobile.
  • Support ActiveSync / IP Connection
  • Support Mobile Explorer (File Browse)

The manual for operating the program is located at its website.

However i’ll still cover the essential part on connecting your PPC to your Computer.  You should try the wired mode first just to make sure it works before going onto Wifi mode.

Wired mode is pretty straight forward, plug in → launch active sync → launch MyMobiler on both your computer and phone and connect ! (When you launch MyMobiler on your phone, don’t get frustrated when nothing appears, nothing actually appears, it runs in the background)

Wifi, you will need to connect your phone and your computer to the same server/network, either by a router or by ad-hoc.

From there you’ll need to find out the IP address of your phone prior to the network you are connected to, you don’t really need your Computer’s IP address unless you’re connecting the other way around.  How do you check your IP address for Windows Mobile Devices, go to Settings/Wifi/Advanced/Advanced, you will see your IP address in the 3rd box.

Now launch MyMobiler on both your computer and phone.  Rightclick MyMobiler located on Computer’s taskbar/Connect IP…/.  and key in your phone’s IP address, then connect !


What’s the fun if you can only remote control/ remotely access your phone?, there’s nothing else you can do.  The thing that lacks is that it cannot move by itself.  If you own a LEGO NXT SET too, join them both together !  Here’s something for a start → LEGO SPY ROBOT v2

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