LEGO Auto gearbox *****

This is my latest version of a straight line LEGO fully Automatic 2 stage RWD/AWD gearbox.  Stage 1 Gear train ratio (1/1.66), Stage 2 Gear train ratio (1/208.33)

Meant for straight Head-on sumo scenarios.  3D LEGO LDraw Dat file included.  Information on LDraw under my Know-Hows→ Digital LEGO Simulators

It’s a more compact version of my previous 3 models, but unfortunately i did not get to document the other 3.


GEARBOXThis was created to break the stalemate between robots in sumo competitions, where the main objective was to attack head on and push the opponent usually right out the back, normally the ones whose robots are heavy and had great Gear Ratios would win.  Usually one robot had power and no speed, or the robot had speed and no power(Torque).   There had been instances where both had somewhat equal Speeds and Torque, ending up at the middle line with no distinct winner.  “How wonderful if I could break that stalemate by reaching the middle line earlier and at the same time not sacrificing any Torque”, I pondered, though Dad was the one who triggered the initial idea.

The end product was straight forward, I needed something that has both Speed and Torque either by one or more interlinking gear trains.
After a week or so, looking at real life vehicle gearboxes, other LEGO enthusiasts creations, and meddled with the parts the LEGO RCX Kit provides, I created my first Alpha model. Unfortunately like i said, that model wasn’t documented.  The Alpha model was similar in concept, except bigger and bulkier.  The current version is Delta, 4th version. 3D LEGO LDraw Click→ AutoGearBoxFinal.dat (when you download it’s actually in .doc format, just rename it to .dat. I did it to be able to use this website as host.)

Real life vehicle gearboxes had a clutch system, where multi ratio gear systems can be engaged and disengaged.  From there I deduced that i needed something to engaged and disengaged my Output Shaft from the Driving Shafts to enable multi gear trains.  My creation works the same way, the white 24teeth white gear u see up there is actually the clutch system but the difference is it’s automatic where when it reaches a certain threshold it shifts to stage 2 gear train.  Now real life gearboxes have multiple trains with only one input shaft, but my creation has one gearbox two separate trains with 2 inputs with clutch as connector.  It’s tough to explain only by words, you have to see it yourself, and by the way, the gamma/3rd version won me champion for the national junior robotics competition sumo category.  If you desire some instructions download LDView to view it in 3-Dimensions it can’t get any better digitally.  More info under my Know-Hows→ Virtual LEGO Simulators

That is all.

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