This is my latest LEGO MECH as of August 2010. The name is HAMSTER, Heavy Assault Mech on STERiods.

Total Time taken to Construct – Over a period of 2 Weeks, I’m still giving it upgrades now and then.

Total Time taken to Program – 3 to 4 days.

Completely NXT, No Power Functions.


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To go directly to HAMSTER’s specs, scroll down.

Long before HAMSTER was born, my lego set was left in my big red Box for more than half a year. I actually had another Mobile Turret which was fully functional. Untouched and forgotten, dust piled up on it. It was made after my Spy Robot Version 2.

It was not as advanced as HAMSTER, though it’s movement was faster as it was a much lighter vehicle. Not well armored too, it was like a prototype of HAMSTER. Longbow, lets just call it that for now, had limits to its turret horizontal rotation and vertical aim.

The Longbow could be considered the next stage in my Lego Mobile Turret creations starting from
Lego TANK, and HAMSTER being third in the series. They will be more in future, breakthroughs one after another first starting with additional controls as I have just purchased a Power Functions Lego set.

Hamster’s Left Gun “Gauss Cannon” was actually Longbow’s Main Weapon. It proved itself well and earned its place on HAMSTER. It is fully Automatic, same goes with the Right Gun “The Railgun” which can fire up to 8 per round and hold a maximum of 140 rounds per salvo much much more when compared to my Lego TANK which held a mere 10 rounds and was not automatic and had to be cocked, but still through NXT remote.

If you’re wondering what comes out the dangerous end of the barrel, they are all but Rubber-bands. The reason Rubber-bands are used is because they self contain their own energy just like black powder. Firing a foreign projectile proved to me very bulky and weigh a lot.

A rapid firing Gatling gun actually took the right armament’s place before the Railgun, but failed miserably when it failed to fire due to the intense stress created on HAMSTER’s frame.

For now I’m half way through making Hamster’s operation movie, giving more detailed information about the MECH. Before the upcoming movie, here are some specifications:


Size Measurements – It measures 42:46:32(cm) and 50:57:34(cm) when fully extended. They are Length, Breadth and Height respectively, and Weighs approximately 4kg.

Turret Rotational Radius – 10cm

Special Parts used:

Big Speakers – 1x 10W (wired with a RCX connector)

Small Speakers – 2x 8 ohm (wired with RCX connector)

Speaker connector to NXT – (RCX connector to two pin male)

Speaker output from NXT – (two pin female wired onto the speaker connectors inside the NXT)

Major Parts used:

Electronic – 3 NXT Bricks, 10 NXT Motors, 7 Touch Sensors and 6 Light Sensors.

Wheels – 200 large link threads, 8 large sprockets, 12 RCX Wheel 49.6 x 28 VR.

Turntable – Total of 3 are used in the Turret Torso and Arms.

Technic parts – both studded and stud-less

Functional Highlights:

Turret – Fully rotational, unlimited 360 degree horizontal rotations with 60 degree vertical Arm aiming.

Right Turret Armaments –  Rubber-band Gun, Fully Automatic, 1 to 8 shots per round, up to 140 rounds per salvo (Gun is Interchangeable)

Left Turret Armaments – Rubber-band Gun, Fully Automatic, 1 higher precision shot up to 20 per salvo (Gun is Interchangeable)

Non-Functional Highlights:

Base Armaments – Missile Pods( 4 touch sensors ) with Weapon Racks on its side.

Light sensors – All of them only light up for show, they act like weapon guidance systems.

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