Here’s a NXT Tank that shoots rubber bands !  I did this up quite awhile ago and only have this picture as record. (Click on Pic to Enlarge)


Imagine yourself being able to remotely control a robot that has the ability to shoot targets.  “AWESOME !”  It weights around 2 kilograms with the BRAIN and batteries included.  The base is long and wide so it doesn’t topple over easily.  Most of the weight is at the bottom so central gravity is low, providing the stability tanks need.  Further build specifications can be found on the image itself so i shan’t explain it here again.


I used 10 of the standard caterpillar tracks LEGO RCX kit provides, those tracks sure gave tremendous grip.  As you compare the different shots of the Robot, you’ll notice the tracks covers almost the entire base.  As such, it prevent the middle from getting stuck to whatever goes underneath it,  and also spread out the pressure exerted on the wheels. Like a camel having wide hooves to prevent itself from sinking into sand, same theory.


It’s amazing how this little guy here manages to shoot rubber bands over 10 meters in calm conditions !  Now don’t compare it to real guns which shoot much much further, 10 meters for a 38 cm barrel length rubber band gun is commendable.  For comparison, the longest barrel length i found for common rubber band toy guns was 24 cm and shots fired from it reach range of 7 meters.  Mine was 1.6 times longer and theoretically able to reach 12 meters or even further.  That’s an extra 5 meters !  To scale it up, it’s will be as though rifle versus pistol with more accuracy and range.

Common kitchen rubber bands are used and are manually loaded.  The bands are literally stretched to their limit, anymore and they snap.  The gun is semi-automatic, which means it is able to shoot one at a time, or rapidly fire everything at once. Rapid fire is not recommended unless absolutely necessary because it only holds up to 10 shots or so at once.  I do not have to gun’s schematics, but you go to the picture’s url and zoom in to find out more.

Remote Control

NXT Bluetooth Remote Control may not be new to some, but for the benefit of those who are new, i’ll briefly explain how i did it below.

The NXT “BRAIN” firmware version 1.03 supports bluetooth remote control. In other words, it acts like a Remote Control Car’s radio receiver, which receives command signals from it’s own transmitter ‘the one you hold in your hand’.  The transmitter for the NXT BRAIN can come in many many forms, phones, computers or even an identical NXT BRAIN.  I normally use my personal laptop or phone.  You will need specific programs to control it which are available FOC.  Just google ‘NXT remote’ or look under my Know-How section above.”

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